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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and you are a great blessing to me! I hope your having a great day!


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Do It Yourself

On Saturday I did  great DIY project which was one of my mom’s great inventions that I carried out. Instead of buying a dry erase board calendar, you can make your own!




1. A regular to large sized old frame you don’t want anymore with glass

2. Dry erase markers (preferably fine point)

3. Sharpies (or any permanent marker, preferably not fine point)

4. A piece of paper the size of your frame. (I needed to cut my paper to fit the frame)

First, Draw a basic calendar month on the piece of paper. By basic, I mean the pattern above without the month name and dates. Second, put the calendar into the frame as if it is a picture. Thirdly, You can write the name of the month you are in and all the dates. After each month is ended, simply wipe off the dry erase and repeat the second step. You never need to buy a calendar again! If you have any questions, just comment and I’ll try to answer my best.

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Activities with Me

As I mentioned in my last post, October has arrived and with it comes the real weather change I anticipated in September. Windy, dry, cool.

Lately (especially Saturday) I have been doing a lot of projects…



…like scrap booking. (Isn’t my little niece adorable?)


I also made cookies yesterday which was a great enjoyment.


They were gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

ivyelisabethkirkman (2).jpg

We also got to babysit my friend Charlotte’s niece for a couple hours.


Another activity has been taking random pictures such as this one of Bethany.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! God bless you!



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School and Life

Here are some pictures from my life as the school year continues. Also happy October! Enjoy!

PC (photo credit) Lydia Leake

The perfect picture.  😉

PC Lydia Leake

If you didn’t notice from the other picture, here is my cute backpack.

P1300284 (2)
PC Lydia Leake

My EMMA Writing and Literature teacher says red means “love”. I got a lot of love on this paragraph. (Actually not all the red means I did something wrong and I wasn’t the only one with this much love. 😉 )

PC Elisabeth Leake
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This is my kind of Weather

Winter is arriving. Actually I should say ‘fall’ but anyway something cold is arriving! I love this kind of weather. Windy, cold, sometimes dry, sometimes rainy. Obviously, some people aren’t really enjoying the wind right now but… but I am. I love wearing warm gray sweatpants and snugly striped sweaters. I love having the windows open and hearing the wind whistling through the trees. I love sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate or tea while I work on my school. This is my kind of weather.

P1300255 e(2)

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Recently Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to look around because Mom had a gift card there. We ended up with the prettiest Calligraphy book I have ever seen called Calligraphy made easy. 

Trying to take a creative picture.
They have projects in the back which have a example (shown above) and a write-it-yourself. (I hope that sentence made sense 😉 )  
My favorite project example. I can’t wait to try this one out myself!
Practicing sheet. (I didn’t write those words.

I couldn’t help but think of my friend Charlotte (who actually got me interested in calligraphy) when I got this book. She is AMAZING at this type of calligraphy. You can see some of her artwork HERE and HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Enjoy!

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Suggestions Please!

I haven’t posted in quite a whole and I am sorry. Life lately as been very crazy. My sister is getting married. Weddings can get kinda crazy. That’s life. I am exited for her though! 😉

After all that chatter, I shall get on to the real business.


Friday Charlotte and I hope to do a Girl’s of Faith video! No promises because we are lost on suggestions! We need a suggestion that we can do without too much preparation. Will you give me a suggestion or two? We really need your help. Charlotte’s mom said that we could do a video on how to be a good hostess. What do you think about that idea?

Thanks so much for your help!