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Girls of Faith

Hi! I don’t really know how to introduce this post except to say that my friend, Charlotte, and I are going to start a YouTube called Girls of Faith. We were inspired by GirlDefined a blog/YouTube encouraging young ladies to glorify God in everything that they do. However, Charlotte and I both felt that it was geared toward girls who are a little older than us. So that’s where Girls of Faith comes in. We have not posted anything yet but if you check my Girls of Faith page frequently then you will get updated on what we are posting.  I hope that we inspire you! 🙂

Charlotte (left) and I.
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Tea (Have I Already done that Title? Oh,well!)

Right now I am drinking a cup of tea with milk and sugar and my pot of tea is just gorgeous and it is just so picturesque! Yes definitely. Very picturesque. I should take a picture of this very picturesque tea “seen”. And I did. I have been doing that for quite a while. So I decided that I would do a post with all these very picturesque pictures of tea.

P1290600 (2)
This is a picture from today.
Russian tea.

So I did not have time to do any more pictures so will have to be satisfied with my word about there being “tons” more pictures.

Have a great day!


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MN Trip #1

On March 1st, 2017, we (my family still living at home and I) left for MN to go to my brother’s wedding. The youngest of all my brothers has finally gotten married! Well I’ll start with day one of this trip.

Scenic view from the plane. (Yes, we took a plane this time. 😉 )

Our plane was supposed to arrive in Minneapolis at 2:00 P.M., but it arrived at 1:30 P.M. instead, so we went to go see Gabriel (the one that is getting married) at his work. Then we went to go see Priscilla at her work (she works at Dunn Brothers in a hospital) and she made Mom a coffee and Bethany and I a Frappe (I think that is how you spell it, but what ever the case, it is a coffee smoothie basically, with whipped cream on top. It is EXTREMELY AMAZINGLY GOOD! Thanks Priscilla!) Then we went to see Hannah at her house and ate dinner with her! I guess that’s all I’ll do today, but be sure that more will come!

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Hello, fellow bloggers! I hope that you have been having a nice week.On Sunday of this week my brother and his girlfriend came for a visit to North Carolina and left just yesterday 😦 . Here are a few pics from our  time with them and just life in general.

We had Christmas dinner while Gabriel and Emily were here.
We went to the cotton fields and picked a few pieces of cotton.
We went to the Duke Gardens and this is a picture of there Chapel.
Th magnificent outside.

P1270236 (2).JPG

Mom dared me to do a summer saute and I did! 
Yummy food.
Mom one one little pancake. Just one.
Gabriel kissing Josiah and Micah smiling. Handsome brothers.

So that is what I have been up to and I hope you enjoyed getting an update on life.

P.S. The picture of Gabriel, Josiah and Micah has not been taken recently.

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Little Women Tea

Since before Christmas 2015 we (my friend Charlotte, Charlotte’s mom, my mom and me) have been working on a Civil War dress and were planning to have a Little Women Christmas Tea  (we had been reading Little Women together and thought that it would be fun if we made a dress for that time period.) Well, we finally finished the dress right before Christmas 2016 instead of 2015. Anyways, we finally did have our tea so here are a few pictures of our tea.

The food.
The food.
The original dressmakers (Laura later borrowed my mom's dress for pictures.) Left to right: Charlotte's mom, Charlotte, my mom, and I.
The original dressmakers (Laura, who we invited even though she didn’t have a dress, later borrowed my mom’s dress for pictures.) Left to right: Charlotte’s mom, Charlotte, my mom, and I.
Left to right:Charlotte, Laura and I.
Left to right: Charlotte, Laura and I.
Left to right: Charlotte, Laura, and I.
Left to right: Charlotte, Laura, and I.


Left to right: me, Charlotte and Laura.
Left to right: me, Charlotte and Laura.
Laura, Charlotte and I.
Laura, Charlotte and I.

We had a great time and I hope you enjoyed reading about life for me recently.