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The Roman’s Risky Recreation of Chariot Racing

Gladiators fighting against each other for their lives, humorous and witty plays, suspenseful chariot and foot racing, or a relaxed bathing in a tranquil pool. These are a few of the things Romans of the old world entertained themselves with. They enjoyed what was called ludi, meaning “Roman public games.” 177 days of the year ludi was held. Often these games were played or watched on holidays throughout the year. One of the most popular if not most popular of these games was chariot racing.

The purpose of chariot racing was more than just enjoyment. Though certainly it was for enjoyment for the crowds watching on the edges of their seats, and for the thrill of the charioteers. But it was also for profit. If you were the lucky one who won the race you would get purse money from it that would go mostly to the owner of the chariot, but some of it would also go to the driver. One race won would pay as much as a whole year’s salary paid to a schoolmaster. Also for the winner there was much fame in store. He became a celebrity and when going out in public could hardly go unrecognized.

So how did chariot racing work? The race was held in what was called a circus. It was a big long low wall. This prevented chariots from cutting corners. The most famous of these circuses was Circus Maximus in Rome. It held more than 150,000 people.

At the beginning of the race all chariots were lined up at the starting point. Once the starting signal was made all of the chariots were off in a cloud of dust. Most of the time it took 7 laps- two and a half miles- to complete a race. Each time they completed one lap an official would flip over one of 7 bronze dolphins and remove a white egg.

A chariot needed to be light and small in order to be fast. It had wheels about the size of wheelchair wheels and was pulled by two, four, or sometimes six horses.

There were four teams that competed across the Empire: Reds, Blues, Whites, and Greens. Each team was run by wealthy owners because it required lots of money to raise and maintain good chariot horses and have well-made chariots. Because of this it was called the “sport of kings.”

The drivers of these chariots would often start out as slaves or as children of chariot drivers. He ran a big risk being in a race. It was a dangerous game and anyone could die. He could either crash or be trampled over and die. He also had to have skill if he wanted to have any chance of winning. He had to able to take sharp turns at breakneck speeds and had to know how to handle his horses and chariot successfully. He should also know his horses well so they would work together as one team in perfect rhythm as one horse. One famous driver was a man by the name of Scorpus. He won 2,048 victories, an outstanding score, but died in a crash when he was just 26 years old.

On the day of the race the crowds would arrive in droves and every seat possible was taken. If you attended one of these races there would be no empty seat beside you. People would bet on their favorite charioteer and they would openly participate in the game. They fought and cheered for their favorite color and traded insults with others who were for a different color.

Chariot racing was certainly a thrilling, dangerous, and popular game in the Roman Empire.


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The Hidden Door

On one of my detective cases,this happened.

As I was walking down the road humming a song, I got a call from my boss:

Lacy:”We need a detective super fast will you be our detective?”

(me) Kelly: “Of course!”

Lacy:”Thank you!”

I ran so fast that I ran past my FBI car, as soon as I got in the car I called Elisa, my partner.

Elisa: “Hello, Kelly!”

Kelly: “Hi! I need you for a detective case. I go past your house so I’ll pick you up.”

Elisa:”OK, bye!”


When we got there, I was totally stunned! The house was big and beautiful. When we got into the house we looked everywhere. Hidden behind things was a suitcase.

Elisa:”Well Kelly said to look everywhere so I will look.”

There was suitcases inside of suitcases, it seemed to Elisa that the suitcases would never end! Suddenly she saw a door. It wasn’t a real suitcase after all.



Elisa:”I found this, so I guess we should go in.”

Kelly:”OK, get out the flashlights.”


Part 2

Elisa: “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

Kelly:”Yes! If we always just say `oh it might be-‘”

An accusing voice:”What are you doing in here?”

Kelly:”Ma’am, we are detectives you must be…..”

The lady:”I’m not going to tell you my name.”

Elisa: “Then go upstairs, now.”

The lady:”Alright.”I’ll secretly follow them. She thought.

Elisa:”I don’t feel right about this. Do you?”

Kelly:“I feel right at home.”

Elisa:” I don’t.”

The lady waited till they were a safe distance away, being very careful to listen to every word they said and making sure they didn’t see her. Suddenly without warning… Elisa looked behind her.

Elisa: “Kelly!”

The lady: “I heard every word you said.”


They argued awhile.

Kelly:”Leave her alone,we’ll deal with her later.

Elisa:“I’m going to tie her up in a chair and call the police.”

They walked (or rather ran) down the steep stairs.

Kelly’s keys and other stuff around her waist jingled.

Kelly:”My keys are sooo loud.”

Elisa:” I know.”

Kelly: “Well all we find is a bunch of nasty, yucky, gross, bluck, uh,junk. I think it might be a trick. A horrid trick.”


Kelly: “Don’t be soooo nervous.”


Kelly:”We won’t stop looking for the stuff…”

Elisa: “Until we find it.”

Kelly: “Look in everything.”

Elisa: “I’ll take half you take half .”

Kelly: “Good idea.”

Bling! Bling! Bling!

Kelly: “Good! My phone is ringing it might be Lacy.”

Lacy: “Hello! How’s it going?

Kelly: “ Will you come to the house?

Lacy: “I’m on my way.”

Kelly: “Bye!”

Lacy: “Bye!”

Elisa: “Back to it.”

The lady: “Alright! So y’all are just looking through all I have?”

Kelly: “Your on the dot.”

Elisa: “Please tell us you name.”

Leila: “ Call me Leila.”

Kelly: “I thought you were going to tie her up?”

Elisa: “ I was scared.”

Leila: “Scared baby.”

Elisa: “Not at all.”

Kelly: “No fighting.”

Elisa: “Alright.”

Leila: “You sound like like a mother.”

Kelly: “I am a mother of 2 darling kids.”

Leila: “ I’m going up.”

Elisa: “I think I found it again.”

Kelly: “You did.”

Elisa: “Here is the nail polish.”

Kelly: “And only the nail polish.”

Soon they found everything but the hair brushes.

Kelly: “They must have really wanted those hair brushes.”

Elisa: “I know! Where are the hair brushes.”

Kelly: “I think it might be a secret door again!”

Elisa: “If that’s the case then we better look harder.”

Kelly: “I agree.”

Lacy: “Boo.”

Kelly: “Lacy!”

Elisa: “We’re thinking it might be another secret door.”

Lacy: “Oh no!”

Part 3

Kelly: “So… I think I found it. How many did you say there was?

Lacy: “I think 6.

Kelly: “I found 7.”

Lacy: “Let me check and see if I was wrong. Hmm…Oh here it is. It says 8.

Kelly: “Goodness why does she need so many?! Well keep searching, Elisa.”

No answer.

Lacy: “Elisa?!

We called and called but there was still no answer. We began to get worried. But soon we heard yelling. We decided to go up the stairs.

Leila: “You have no right to be in here!”

Policeman: “Ma’am, I am a policeman.”

Elisa: “Quick. Tie her down.”

Policeman: “Elisa, where is you partner?”

Elisa: “Oh, I forgot.”

Lacy: “Elisa, We were calling for you. Why didn’t you come?

Elisa: “I didn’t hear.”

Kelly: “Well, next time hear us.”

Elisa: “Did you find the brushes?”

Kelly: “Yes.”

Lacy: “All but one. How many did you steal, Leila?”

Leila: “8.”

Elisa: “Where are they?”

Leila: “They are in the suitcase. All but one, that one I sold.”

Kelly: “How much did you sell it for?”

Leila: “Do you think I’m going to tell you? $10.”

Policeman: “Give us $10.”

She quickly did so.

Kelly: “Do you know that you will have to go to jail for at least 5 years?”

Leila: “Yes.”

Policeman: “You will be further questioned later.”

She was immediately was brought to jail, and questioned. A pastor came to the jail and she soon became a Christian. It was only a 3 year period.

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Linda’s Radical Escape

In 1776, there was two large rich farms next to each other. Each of these farms were surrounded by a man-made lake instead of a fence. On each side was a long pole with which boats would hook on to and drive across. People had white slaves then, so it was easier to escape slavery. On one side of the farm lived a 10 year old girl and her little 2 year old sister named Hannah though most people called her Hanny. On the other farm lived there Father and Mother.

Linda desperately wanted to escape so she had created a small pole with which she walked carrying Hanny who was hooked onto the front of her and her bag on her back.

One night she slipped out into the darkness and carrying Hanny and her bag. She lighted her lantern and walked across. But when he got to the middle she saw a small black thing, but it was a friendly dog that helped her across. When she came to her Mother and Father they exclaimed:

Praise the Lord! It’s Linda and Hannah, and they are alive!”

P1170879          I am playing Linda. Since she trusted God He brought her and her family a home of there own in the city with nice clothes.