#1- Peanut-Honey Delight

I think I might do a post every now and then for one-piece-of-bread recipes. Which means that these recipes use just a piece of bread with stuff on top. Some of them were made up by my siblings and some of them might be other's ideas. Here's the first one: Toast a piece of bread. …

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Our Latest Trip of the Year!

On Oct. 17-21 we went on a trip to NJ to visit relatives such as my one and only cousin, Hudson, My 108 year old Great-Grandma, Grandma, My brother, Josiah and his wife Cindy, and others, too.  Left to right-Dad's hands-me-Josiah-Great Grandma-Mom's Dad's cousin,Teddi- Cindy-Mom's head. Hudson did not want me to take his picture, but after …

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