Hello! My name is Lydia.

I am a lover of Jesus Christ which also means that I believe that He is God.



I love being with friends.


I love calligraphy.


I love my niece!!!!


I love to read.


I love photography.

I am very fond of pretty things and am (most of the time) very feminine. As of now I live in North Carolina. I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope it will be a blessing to you.

If you would like to see more pictures of my family and I, please visit my page called Pictures where you will find lots of pictures of family, friends, nature and more. If you would like to see some nice quotes you will want to go to the page called Quotes. If you want to check out my friend, Charlotte, and my YouTube channel, go to the page Girls of Faith.

I hope my blog encourages you in the Lord and is a great blessing to you.

Thank you for visiting Childlike Wonder.

**My sisters (who used to blog here when it was called Mountaintop Talk) now have the own blogs. The King’s Daughter by HannahPrissy’s Place by PriscillaRuhamah and the Spikenard by Elisabeth, and Sandpaper Adventures by Bethany.**


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  1. Hey, people who are new to my blog! My blog used to be called Mountaintop Talk and was shared by all my sisters and my Mom. Now, it’s just me so the above comments are related to how my blog used be. Lydia

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