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Thanksgiving As The Years Go By!

Here is what we did for Thanksgiving in 2014, 2015 and, of course, 2016!

Here is 2014.

This is 2015's beautiful table.
This is the beautiful table.
We are a silly Family.
We are a very silly Family.


Here is 2015. (You can see this year in full HERE.)




Secretly using Dad’s camera.

And finally, this year.

Our cooking.
Our cooking. (I hadn’t really been cooking until Dad started taking pictures. 😉 )


Elisabeth giving me a kiss!
Elisabeth giving me a kiss!
We are a very silly family.
In our family, we get a little crazy when we take pictures.


Another example of how weird we get.
Then we went to our friends' house and played.
Then we went to our friends’ house and played.

Have a great day!


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Who is This?

Hey, Folks! I am a stranger to this blog, but I thought I would stop by for a visit. How are you? Well, you’re probably the same people that look at my blog. Well I have some fall pictures for you today. I hope you enjoy.


This Picture proves two things: We live in the woods, and our walls are terribly moldy!

p1260136 p1260151

I love reflections, especially this fally reflection in the basement door.


One beautiful afternoon near “the desert.”


The Golden Road.


Well, have a terrifically, gloriously, happy day in the Lord.

Elisabeth The Stranger.

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When We Were Little

Here are some pictures from when my siblings and I were younger.

Me when I was little trying to hold a backpack that was much too heavy for me.
Me when I was little trying to hold a backpack that was much too heavy for me.
Elisabeth (the one who is circled) thought that she was pretty awesome.
Hannah holding me.
Hannah holding me.
Micah helping me put on my boots.
Josiah helping me put on my boots.
The smiling cowgirl.
Bethany, Elisabeth and Hannah.
Bethany, Elisabeth and Hannah.
My brother Gabriel holding the Valentine's day cake.
My brother Gabriel holding the Valentine’s day cake.
It was a fascinating cake.
It was a fascinating cake.
Gabriel, Elisabeth and Bethany.
Gabriel, Elisabeth and Bethany.
No one can doubt that I was a cute chub.
No one can doubt that I was a cute chub.
"What is this?"
“What is this?”
Me trying to hold Josiah's backpack.
Me trying to hold Josiah’s backpack.
Elisabeth, me and Bethany.
Elisabeth, me and Bethany.
Can you see any resemblance to when I was younger?
Can you see any resemblance to when I was younger?  Comment what you think.


Does Johanna look like me when I was little? Comment what you think.
Does Johanna look like me when I was little? Comment what you think.

I hope you enjoyed that picture overload of when my siblings and I were younger (and my niece.)


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Biltmore Estate

On Tuesday, November 15 I had the opportunity to go to Biltmore house on a tour with my close friend Charlotte and Charlotte’s neighbor, Mrs. Wright. It took us three hours to get there so here are some pictures of our drive.

Charlotte and I licking out lolly pops.
Charlotte and I licking out lolly pops.

When we got there we got on a shuttle and began our tour. The Biltmore house has 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces, so as you already know it is pretty big. The 1st room we went into was an inside garden. It was called the Winter Garden. It had the room full of poinsettias and it had gifts in it for the Christmas Party later that evening.


The 2nd room was the formal dining room. It had beautiful chairs and on the table there was huge ginger bread houses or more like play houses. There was an about 20 foot tree with 500 lights on it in the corner.




It also had a pipe organ.
It also had a pipe organ.

The 3rd room was the less formal dining room called the breakfast room. Then we went into a room where they kept some valuables during a war. It had a beautiful ceiling and they still keep some other valuable things in it.



Then there was the library. It was a room full of thousands of books! The ceiling was a ceiling that had come from a house in Europe and it had a drawing on it. In the room was Napoleon’s actual chess set!




Napoleon's chess set.
Napoleon’s chess set.

The next room had a neat tapestry that was 500 years old and is the only one remaining of a set of seven in the world! It had the entire Bible story on it. With Matthew, Mark, Luke and John cymbals on it.


Next we went up the beautiful stairs to Mr. George Vanderbilt’s bedroom. It had a nice bed, daybed and much more fancy things.

His long closet.
His long closet.

Next was where Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt and later their daughter Cornelia could eat and rest with privacy.

The small table.
The small table.

Then Mrs. Vanderbilt’s bedroom. It was much like Mr. Vanderbilt’s room except that it was (in my opinion) much prettier.

p1280297 p1280295

The next room was where guests could relax and enjoy the day by reading, writing, playing the piano, or get acquainted with the other guests.


We then went up the stairs to the third floor to see a few of the thirty-three guest bedrooms.


Then we went in a guest bedroom called the chimney room. It’s chimney was decorated with beautiful flowers.


The next guest bedroom was where Cornelia was born along with Cornelia’s child and grandchild.

p1280325 p1280320

Now we will go down the basement stairs and into the long stone hallway and into the Halloween room. It has been proven that actually this room had nothing to do with Halloween but actually some Russian’s painted it for a party.

p1280342 p1280345

Then the bowling alley. It was also pretty neat.


The swimming pool was not filled and never will be because one night during a party they decided to swim. Well, sadly in the morning it was empty because it had a leak in it. The pool had a diving board and was 12 feet deep in some places.


The next room is the gymnasium. It was used by the guests and by the family.


Then we will walk down a hallway and enter the servants quarters. There was a huge kitchen, a washing room and a dryer along with all the servants bedrooms and dining room.


The dumb-waiter.
The dumb-waiter.


This is a kind of long picture of Charlotte and I in front of the lions.

Then we went out to the beautiful gardens and got some really great pictures.

Selfie in the garden.
Left to right- me, Charlotte and Mrs. Wright.

p1280389 p1280443 p1280441 p1280440 p1280423 p1280402 p1280395

Then we went to some really expensive shops and then headed back home!!!



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Guess What Today Is!?

Today is a very special day! You know why? Probably not. I didn’t either. Today is William Pitt’s 3o8th birthday. Wow, he’s older than my great-grandma! Happy Birthday, Billy! (We’ll assume that’s what he liked to be called). Now, you may ask, who is William (or Will or Willie or Bill or Billy or Liam)? William Pitt was born in 1708. Not to be confused with his son, William Pitt (maybe he should be called Billy instead) who was one of England’s greatest prime ministers (well, actually, William the Older was a prime minister too), he was an English statesman and the Earl of Chatham who fought for American rights. He did an excellent job of stirring up people’s sympathy toward the American cause. He was also a very honest chap.



November 15 is also special for being the day that the Draft of Articles of Confederation was approved by Congress in 1777.


The picture above was taken on November 15, 2009. These three vehicles are all no longer with us. Sadly, the big fifteen-passenger Dodge Ram was sold and Dad’s Toyota truck (in the background) is not here anymore either. I have such fond memories of both vehicles. Like long trips in the van with Josiah or Gabriel taking up the whole bench that they were supposed to be sharing with me. 🙂 Those were the days! Perhaps I’m becoming to nostalgic here. And then, of course, truck rides in Dad’s Toyota on Easter (kind of a tradition). Truck rides in that truck were a lot better than in the “new” one he has now because it was an ’82 and looked a lot cooler. 😉 Then there’s Gabriel’s Honda Accord, which he brought to MN and eventually got rid of it after it got stolen a hundred million times (exaggeration, obviously). The car served him well, though, and I miss all three vehicles. The van and truck served us amazingly well, also.

So there’s your history lesson for today! It was my history lesson, too, actually because I didn’t know about a lot of this stuff or at least had forgotten it from history in years gone by.

Adios, mi amigos!


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Days 6 and 7 of Our CA Trip (Lydia’s Perspective)

On Day 6. we went to the Liang’s house to play with Johanna because she was in an amazing mood. 


Johanna in her "natural habitat" as Cindy calls it because she was always so happy in it.
Johanna in her “natural habitat” as Cindy calls it because she was always so happy in it.


Mom and Johanna.
Mom and Johanna.


Me and Johanna.
Me and Johanna. She is reaching for a toy.

After having great fun with Johanna we set off for a park called Golden Gate Park where we walked around and went to interesting waterfalls (they were man-made fake waterfalls but my mom insists that “it used to all be sand!” so I guess they didn’t do too bad.)


I love this photo. I imagine her saying "I have a secret and I'm not going to tell you!"
I love this photo. I imagine her saying “I have a secret and I’m not going to tell you!”


Family picture!!!
Family picture!!!


Johanna holding my hand.
Johanna holding my hand.


I don't know what we were looking at but it must have been interesting!
I don’t know what we were looking at but it must have been interesting!


The fake waterfall. It isn't that bad, is it?
The fake waterfall. It isn’t that bad, is it?


Me holding Johanna.
Me holding Johanna.


All three intent on opening the same gift.
All three intent on opening the same gift.


The cake Josiah and Cindy gave Mom for her Birthday.
The cake Josiah and Cindy gave Mom for her Birthday. It was AMAZING!!!

Day 7. was our traveling home day, and as nothing much happened that day (besides a few airplane scandals, but they were all worked out so I needn’t tell you) we have no pictures. We got home safely, took showers, ate dinner (or supper,) unpacked and went to bed.

Thanks for bearing through all these posts about our trip!