Life in the Life of Me

Happy new month! Welcome to March! Spring is in the air. Here is a few pictures of my life. Just plain old, regular life. Life is lovely. Practicing piano. In this picture I was doing my favorite piano exercise. School. Math. The not as lovely part of life. But, seriously, what would I do without …

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The “Raleigh Buildings”

Hi, y'all! On Friday, my American Civics class had a little field trip to the "Raleigh buildings". (What are you supposed to call all the important buildings in your state capital? 😉 ) It was a lot of fun! My friend Ashley and I (and my mom), got to drive to Raleigh together since it …

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Thanksgiving at the Beach (The Big Day: Day 3)

Happy Thanksgiving! After eating breakfast my only cousin, Hudson, and my sister Bethany, went down to the beach to play. Then we went on to Hudson's beach house which is just down the road a block, where we joined my Aunt Kimberley and my sister Elisabeth who were cooking. Hudson and I were shipped upstairs …

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