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School and Life

Here are some pictures from my life as the school year continues. Also happy October! Enjoy!

PC (photo credit) Lydia Leake

The perfect picture.  😉

PC Lydia Leake

If you didn’t notice from the other picture, here is my cute backpack.

P1300284 (2)
PC Lydia Leake

My EMMA Writing and Literature teacher says red means “love”. I got a lot of love on this paragraph. (Actually not all the red means I did something wrong and I wasn’t the only one with this much love. 😉 )

PC Elisabeth Leake
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This is my kind of Weather

Winter is arriving. Actually I should say ‘fall’ but anyway something cold is arriving! I love this kind of weather. Windy, cold, sometimes dry, sometimes rainy. Obviously, some people aren’t really enjoying the wind right now but… but I am. I love wearing warm gray sweatpants and snugly striped sweaters. I love having the windows open and hearing the wind whistling through the trees. I love sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate or tea while I work on my school. This is my kind of weather.

P1300255 e(2)

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Recently Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble to look around because Mom had a gift card there. We ended up with the prettiest Calligraphy book I have ever seen called Calligraphy made easy. 

Trying to take a creative picture.
They have projects in the back which have a example (shown above) and a write-it-yourself. (I hope that sentence made sense 😉 )  
My favorite project example. I can’t wait to try this one out myself!
Practicing sheet. (I didn’t write those words.

I couldn’t help but think of my friend Charlotte (who actually got me interested in calligraphy) when I got this book. She is AMAZING at this type of calligraphy. You can see some of her artwork HERE and HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this little post! Enjoy!

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Suggestions Please!

I haven’t posted in quite a whole and I am sorry. Life lately as been very crazy. My sister is getting married. Weddings can get kinda crazy. That’s life. I am exited for her though! 😉

After all that chatter, I shall get on to the real business.


Friday Charlotte and I hope to do a Girl’s of Faith video! No promises because we are lost on suggestions! We need a suggestion that we can do without too much preparation. Will you give me a suggestion or two? We really need your help. Charlotte’s mom said that we could do a video on how to be a good hostess. What do you think about that idea?

Thanks so much for your help!



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Open the Clouds!- Unspoken

Here is a great song by a band called “Unspoken”.

We’re looking on, to that glorious day
A brighter morning, when the sky rolls away
I’ve been ready, since the day I was saved
We’ve got a ticket into heaven that’s already been paid

Jesus is comin’
He’s comin’, He’s comin’

Open the clouds, spirit set me free
Open the clouds, shine down on me
Open the clouds, see the sun break through
Open the clouds, shine down on you

Open the clouds, spirit set me free
Open the clouds, shine down on me
Open the clouds, see the sun break through
Open the clouds, shine down, shine down, shine down on you

Here in the family, there’s always room for more
A welcome from the king, and an open door
Sit at the table, and be satisfied
You been sent an invitation, but you gotta reply

The king is comin’
He’s comin’, He’s comin’


People get ready
People get ready, people be ready
No one knows, but the day will come
All we know, is it won’t be long

People get ready, people get ready
Listen close for the trumpet sound
Lift your head to the heavens now

He’s comin’ |7x|


To the north, to the south, to the east, to the west
Every knee will bow, and tongue will confess
That Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Even though April is over but the showers are not, it has definitely not been a lazy month for me and my family.

P1290636 (3)

P1290637 (2)

Even though the month is not over yet, the first part of our month has been filled with school; (yes, being home-schooled, we are still working hard on our school) being with friends; preparations for my sister’s wedding; in the future part of May we will be going to other people’s weddings; making finger paint (a disaster!); going hiking for Mother’s day (hopefully, there will be an entire post coming up soon about that but I can’t promise 🙂 ); posting our first video on  “Girls of Faith”  (go check it out! GirlsofFaith) and, as you see above, selfies!!! along with the regular stuff music lessons, church and small groups.

PC Elisabeth Leake

So that is what I have been mostly doing this half of the month! So far, it has been a great month!

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Girls of Faith

Hi! I don’t really know how to introduce this post except to say that my friend, Charlotte, and I are going to start a YouTube called Girls of Faith. We were inspired by GirlDefined a blog/YouTube encouraging young ladies to glorify God in everything that they do. However, Charlotte and I both felt that it was geared toward girls who are a little older than us. So that’s where Girls of Faith comes in. We have not posted anything yet but if you check my Girls of Faith page frequently then you will get updated on what we are posting.  I hope that we inspire you! 🙂

Charlotte (left) and I.