Dansing, Goofing, Strawberry-ing

NO! I didn't spell that wrong!!! “Danse, danse, danse! Danse for God's honor! We must yield all our steps unto the King!” This week I have gone strawberry picking, gone to the zoo, and danced (dansed) quite a bit. I don't do ballet, or really any special kind of dance, I just dance. One of …

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To the Zoo

“They're everywhere!” I shouted to my Mom as I ran to meet her. “What?” “The bugs!” “Oh,” Summertime (by “summertime” I mean, “great warmness”) is here and with summertime comes... BUGS!!! BUGS!!! and more BUGS!!! I dislike bugs... 😦 They are mean and ugly and pestering and annoying and... the list could go on and …

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