Home Alone

The other night everybody but my sister Elisabeth and I had somewhere to go. Well, we got into some big...... FUN!!!! Here are some pictures.


Days 6 and 7 of Our CA Trip (Lydia’s Perspective)

On Day 6. we went to the Liang's house to play with Johanna because she was in an amazing mood.  1. 2. 3. After having great fun with Johanna we set off for a park called Golden Gate Park where we walked around and went to interesting waterfalls (they were man-made fake waterfalls but my mom …

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Day 4 of Our CA Trip (Lydia’s Perspective)

Hi! You have read on "Mountaintop Talk" about days 1-3, but you have not heard anything about day 4. Well, here is your missing information. We got up, did our morning routines, Dad brought Hannah, Gabriel and Priscilla to the airport,  and while Dad was gone Mom, Elisabeth, Bethany and I did laundry. We were going …

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