Day #s 2-6

Sorry that I have not done anything more about our trip. If you would like to know about my trip you can click on the links below. Day #1 from Elisabeth. Day #2 from Elisabeth. Day #3 from Elisabeth Day #4 from Elisabeth Day #5 from Elisabeth Day #6 from Elisabeth Sorry that I never …

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Who is This?

Hey, Folks! I am a stranger to this blog, but I thought I would stop by for a visit. How are you? Well, you're probably the same people that look at my blog. Well I have some fall pictures for you today. I hope you enjoy. This Picture proves two things: We live in the woods, …

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This is probably my favourite granola recipe and I've made two batches recently. I think you will love it too. Great granola   12 cups rolled oats       1 tbsp cinnamon          coconut (optional 1 cup flour                   1 cup vegetable oil       molasses (optional) 1 cup sugar                  1 cup milk                     syrup (optional) Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Mix …

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