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Who is This?

Hey, Folks! I am a stranger to this blog, but I thought I would stop by for a visit. How are you? Well, you’re probably the same people that look at my blog. Well I have some fall pictures for you today. I hope you enjoy.


This Picture proves two things: We live in the woods, and our walls are terribly moldy!

p1260136 p1260151

I love reflections, especially this fally reflection in the basement door.


One beautiful afternoon near “the desert.”


The Golden Road.


Well, have a terrifically, gloriously, happy day in the Lord.

Elisabeth The Stranger.



I am a 12 year old girl seeking to glorify God in everything I do. "Therefore, whether you eat or drink , or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians10:31

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