Guess What Today Is!?

Today is a very special day! You know why? Probably not. I didn’t either. Today is William Pitt’s 3o8th birthday. Wow, he’s older than my great-grandma! Happy Birthday, Billy! (We’ll assume that’s what he liked to be called). Now, you may ask, who is William (or Will or Willie or Bill or Billy or Liam)? William Pitt was born in 1708. Not to be confused with his son, William Pitt (maybe he should be called Billy instead) who was one of England’s greatest prime ministers (well, actually, William the Older was a prime minister too), he was an English statesman and the Earl of Chatham who fought for American rights. He did an excellent job of stirring up people’s sympathy toward the American cause. He was also a very honest chap.



November 15 is also special for being the day that the Draft of Articles of Confederation was approved by Congress in 1777.


The picture above was taken on November 15, 2009. These three vehicles are all no longer with us. Sadly, the big fifteen-passenger Dodge Ram was sold and Dad’s Toyota truck (in the background) is not here anymore either. I have such fond memories of both vehicles. Like long trips in the van with Josiah or Gabriel taking up the whole bench that they were supposed to be sharing with me. 🙂 Those were the days! Perhaps I’m becoming to nostalgic here. And then, of course, truck rides in Dad’s Toyota on Easter (kind of a tradition). Truck rides in that truck were a lot better than in the “new” one he has now because it was an ’82 and looked a lot cooler. 😉 Then there’s Gabriel’s Honda Accord, which he brought to MN and eventually got rid of it after it got stolen a hundred million times (exaggeration, obviously). The car served him well, though, and I miss all three vehicles. The van and truck served us amazingly well, also.

So there’s your history lesson for today! It was my history lesson, too, actually because I didn’t know about a lot of this stuff or at least had forgotten it from history in years gone by.

Adios, mi amigos!



3 thoughts on “Guess What Today Is!?

  1. Thanks for the great history lesson. I didn’t know all that about William Pitt whose son William Pitt was not only one of the greatest of the British Prime Ministers, but he was also the youngest, at age 24. He also helped to abolish slavery along with his close friend William Wilberforce.
    On another side note, yesterday was my Grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 109 this year if she had lived another year. I miss her! Maybe she and William Pitt are having a tea party in heaven!

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