Una Comida Mexican (A Mexican Meal)

Hola! I made an “authentic” Mexican meal ( not sure how authentic it was, but… 😉 ) the other day. It took the night before and the whole next backbreaking day to make this simple meal. …But it was worth it…for one time. As dinner approached readiness the aromatic smells drifted lazily by my nose as I furiously tried to chop up veggies, roll up tamales, and make sure everything else was ready. Yes, I kind of have a habit getting dinner ready to late. But thankfully Lydia, who actually helped throughout the day, and Elisabeth came to the rescue. Finally dinner was basically ready.

Now that dinner was pretty much ready Elisabeth and Lydia got some good Mexican music going and as the music floated into the kitchen it made you want to dance around. Don’t you just love Spanish music! I got the salads prepared on the plates and then we were ready to eat!

We made horchata, which is a cinnamon rice drink. You basically soak rice with cinnamon tea and cinnamon stick overnight and then blend it really well, filter it (which filtered out a rice goop that looked like sheet rock), and add water, sugar, and evaporated milk. I thought it was really good as long as I sipped it and had very little because it was super strong and sweet.

Elisabeth trying some of the horchata
Elisabeth trying some of the horchata
filtering the horchata
filtering the horchata
Finished product. I love the color!
Finished product. I love the color!

We had avocado, tomato, and egg salad.


Salsa verde

ingredients for it
ingredients for it


The tamales were steamed in corn husks. They were really good.



with salsa verde
with salsa verde



The flan wasn’t my favorite. I think I burned the caramel so that probably made it not so good.



The pictures are by Elisabeth, Lydia, and me.

Adios, Amigos!




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