A Picture Post

My sister Elisabeth (http://ruhamahandthespikenard.blogspot.com/) gave me the idea to do a picture post. Okay, okay, she didn’t literally say “Lydia, you should do a picture post on your blog!” but, she was going to do something of the sort on her blog so I decided  to do one myself.

P1230052 (2).JPG
This is peppermint milk that I made on Tuesday, April 28,2015
This is kinda a bad picture but it is very funny! Right to left is Mom, my sister Bethany, my mom’s friend Mrs. Davis, me, and Charlotte Davis ( Charlotte is taking a BIG bite and making sure she opens her mouth wide enough!).  We had had a nice picnic, next we went saw some pottery and then we decided to top the day off with yummy ice cream . This was taken on Thursday, April 23, 2015 
This was a long time ago . Me dressing up.
A truck ride with our friends. Right to left-my sister Priscilla holding Josh, my sister Bethany, and Anna. Saturday, June 11, 2016 
P1260076 (2).JPG
My friend Charlotte Davis’s birthday party! Monday, May 30, 2016.

Alright I am sure you are getting a little weary of all the pictures so i will stop.




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