I just felt like doing a post about books I recommend.

God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew. Love it!

Little Pilgrim’s Progress. A book that is a-easier-to-read version of Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan condensed by Helen L. Taylor.

The Open Door  by Eileen Hemming. “Who would imagine that lying in bed for 12 months could possibly become a wonderful adventure!…” The back of the book says.

Treasures of the snow by Patricia St. John. The back of the book writes, “Annette’s little brother is crippled, and Lucien, the village bully, is responsible. Controlled by anger and hatred, Annette vows she will never forgive him and sets out to hurt him in every way she can.”

Where the river begins by Patricia St. John. It is the BEST.

The Man in Bearskin by J. Keuning. Amazing!

The Little Woodchopper by Bible Truth Publishers.

Twig the Collie by Craig Massey. The back of the book says, “‘Whats this all about?’ Gorden asked. The policeman started the car before Uncle Josh could answer ‘I’ll explain,’ he said…. The story of Gorden, a teenage boy,who was falsely accused and how the Lord changed his life.”

Hope you read some of these! We have all of them so I was fortunate.



7 thoughts on “Books

  1. You must have gotten your taste of books from me, since I read almost all of these, too, and they were all some of my favorite too. 😉 Did you read “They Loved to Laugh” yet or “The Eight Cousins”? Those are good books too. 😉
    Love ya, Sis!

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