The Hidden Door

On one of my detective cases,this happened.

As I was walking down the road humming a song, I got a call from my boss:

Lacy:”We need a detective super fast will you be our detective?”

(me) Kelly: “Of course!”

Lacy:”Thank you!”

I ran so fast that I ran past my FBI car, as soon as I got in the car I called Elisa, my partner.

Elisa: “Hello, Kelly!”

Kelly: “Hi! I need you for a detective case. I go past your house so I’ll pick you up.”

Elisa:”OK, bye!”


When we got there, I was totally stunned! The house was big and beautiful. When we got into the house we looked everywhere. Hidden behind things was a suitcase.

Elisa:”Well Kelly said to look everywhere so I will look.”

There was suitcases inside of suitcases, it seemed to Elisa that the suitcases would never end! Suddenly she saw a door. It wasn’t a real suitcase after all.



Elisa:”I found this, so I guess we should go in.”

Kelly:”OK, get out the flashlights.”


Part 2

Elisa: “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

Kelly:”Yes! If we always just say `oh it might be-‘”

An accusing voice:”What are you doing in here?”

Kelly:”Ma’am, we are detectives you must be…..”

The lady:”I’m not going to tell you my name.”

Elisa: “Then go upstairs, now.”

The lady:”Alright.”I’ll secretly follow them. She thought.

Elisa:”I don’t feel right about this. Do you?”

Kelly:“I feel right at home.”

Elisa:” I don’t.”

The lady waited till they were a safe distance away, being very careful to listen to every word they said and making sure they didn’t see her. Suddenly without warning… Elisa looked behind her.

Elisa: “Kelly!”

The lady: “I heard every word you said.”


They argued awhile.

Kelly:”Leave her alone,we’ll deal with her later.

Elisa:“I’m going to tie her up in a chair and call the police.”

They walked (or rather ran) down the steep stairs.

Kelly’s keys and other stuff around her waist jingled.

Kelly:”My keys are sooo loud.”

Elisa:” I know.”

Kelly: “Well all we find is a bunch of nasty, yucky, gross, bluck, uh,junk. I think it might be a trick. A horrid trick.”


Kelly: “Don’t be soooo nervous.”


Kelly:”We won’t stop looking for the stuff…”

Elisa: “Until we find it.”

Kelly: “Look in everything.”

Elisa: “I’ll take half you take half .”

Kelly: “Good idea.”

Bling! Bling! Bling!

Kelly: “Good! My phone is ringing it might be Lacy.”

Lacy: “Hello! How’s it going?

Kelly: “ Will you come to the house?

Lacy: “I’m on my way.”

Kelly: “Bye!”

Lacy: “Bye!”

Elisa: “Back to it.”

The lady: “Alright! So y’all are just looking through all I have?”

Kelly: “Your on the dot.”

Elisa: “Please tell us you name.”

Leila: “ Call me Leila.”

Kelly: “I thought you were going to tie her up?”

Elisa: “ I was scared.”

Leila: “Scared baby.”

Elisa: “Not at all.”

Kelly: “No fighting.”

Elisa: “Alright.”

Leila: “You sound like like a mother.”

Kelly: “I am a mother of 2 darling kids.”

Leila: “ I’m going up.”

Elisa: “I think I found it again.”

Kelly: “You did.”

Elisa: “Here is the nail polish.”

Kelly: “And only the nail polish.”

Soon they found everything but the hair brushes.

Kelly: “They must have really wanted those hair brushes.”

Elisa: “I know! Where are the hair brushes.”

Kelly: “I think it might be a secret door again!”

Elisa: “If that’s the case then we better look harder.”

Kelly: “I agree.”

Lacy: “Boo.”

Kelly: “Lacy!”

Elisa: “We’re thinking it might be another secret door.”

Lacy: “Oh no!”

Part 3

Kelly: “So… I think I found it. How many did you say there was?

Lacy: “I think 6.

Kelly: “I found 7.”

Lacy: “Let me check and see if I was wrong. Hmm…Oh here it is. It says 8.

Kelly: “Goodness why does she need so many?! Well keep searching, Elisa.”

No answer.

Lacy: “Elisa?!

We called and called but there was still no answer. We began to get worried. But soon we heard yelling. We decided to go up the stairs.

Leila: “You have no right to be in here!”

Policeman: “Ma’am, I am a policeman.”

Elisa: “Quick. Tie her down.”

Policeman: “Elisa, where is you partner?”

Elisa: “Oh, I forgot.”

Lacy: “Elisa, We were calling for you. Why didn’t you come?

Elisa: “I didn’t hear.”

Kelly: “Well, next time hear us.”

Elisa: “Did you find the brushes?”

Kelly: “Yes.”

Lacy: “All but one. How many did you steal, Leila?”

Leila: “8.”

Elisa: “Where are they?”

Leila: “They are in the suitcase. All but one, that one I sold.”

Kelly: “How much did you sell it for?”

Leila: “Do you think I’m going to tell you? $10.”

Policeman: “Give us $10.”

She quickly did so.

Kelly: “Do you know that you will have to go to jail for at least 5 years?”

Leila: “Yes.”

Policeman: “You will be further questioned later.”

She was immediately was brought to jail, and questioned. A pastor came to the jail and she soon became a Christian. It was only a 3 year period.

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