Linda’s Radical Escape

In 1776, there was two large rich farms next to each other. Each of these farms were surrounded by a man-made lake instead of a fence. On each side was a long pole with which boats would hook on to and drive across. People had white slaves then, so it was easier to escape slavery. On one side of the farm lived a 10 year old girl and her little 2 year old sister named Hannah though most people called her Hanny. On the other farm lived there Father and Mother.

Linda desperately wanted to escape so she had created a small pole with which she walked carrying Hanny who was hooked onto the front of her and her bag on her back.

One night she slipped out into the darkness and carrying Hanny and her bag. She lighted her lantern and walked across. But when he got to the middle she saw a small black thing, but it was a friendly dog that helped her across. When she came to her Mother and Father they exclaimed:

Praise the Lord! It’s Linda and Hannah, and they are alive!”

P1170879          I am playing Linda. Since she trusted God He brought her and her family a home of there own in the city with nice clothes.


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