John Dear

Hello! My name is Lydia, I will be talking about John Dear. At the proper time I’ll let you guess who he is,so be alert, and listen carefully! John was born on November 30th 1628. His father’s reaction to his birth was funny. “Ugh, just like his grandfather–another redhead! Another hot temper to deal with!” Then to his wife,”A fine fellow, Margaret, what shall we call him?” Sermons on hell gave him scary dreams of hell, like this one that he told his mother. “I dreamed I was in hell,the devil was there with a pitchfork. It was red hot and he tried to stick it through me. I ran and ran. Jesus helped me out but I was scared to death.”

At age ten He was sent to school. His teacher was the meanest one you could get. He didn’t like the parliament, and he wanted then King to decide everything instead of the people. John differed, which made very unpopular with the teacher. When the plague of smallpox broke out, his mother, who died first, then and sister died of it. He was so sad he cried himself to sleep each night. His father married soon after they died. When John was old enough he went to war against the king.

One Sunday he decided to go to church,’cause he was in brake. He fell in love with a orphan girl living with her aunt, whose name was Mary. She was a Christen and he was not, she married him anyway. One day he came home drunk. His wife got mad and told him she could go home if she wanted to. He vowed never to drink again, and he fulfilled his vow. Even though he won the battle of drinking he did not win the battle of swearing. He swore so bad that even a wicked woman rebuked him. Soon after that Mary and John got married he got saved. Can you guess who he is yet? He is John Bunyan. Mary his wife always called him ‘John dear’.

There first child was Mary, she was blind. But sadly she died at age 12 from the plague of smallpox . Then Mary bore 3 other children: Elisabeth,John,and Thomas. His wife died early, so he married again, to a girl much younger than him named Bitsy. He got in Prison for preaching and stayed there for 12 years,He loved Mary so much and she brought him soup every day in prison, . In one of his brakes they had a child,Sarah. He died at age 60 on August 31, 1688 and wrote 60 books, most of them which he wrote in prison. How many books can you name? Interestingly he wrote 11 editions to pilgrims progress. Real live characters in pilgrims progress are in it. Any questions or comments?



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