Gladys May Alward


Hello! My name is Lydia and I am going to be talking about Gladys May Alward. She was born Feb. 24, 1902 and died Jan. 3 1970. Gladys had a working-class family and was born in Edmonton,North London. Her father’s name were Thomas John Alward, and her mother’s name was Rosina Florence Alward. She only had 2 siblings, Laurence and Violet. She became a housemaid at very early age she always wanted to be a missionary to China. In 1932 she spent her savings and went to Yangcheng, Shanxi Province, China. She and another lady Jeannie Lawson and founded the Inn of the eight happiness. Soon she saw the great need of Chinese females, the men wanted to marry women with baby small feet, so when the girls were babies the parents would bind the feet of them so there feet couldn’t grow. Soon a law was passed forbidding foot binding. Suddenly war broke out with china and Japan, so all she could do is escape! So she and her over 100 children climbed the mountains to safety. But a optical lay in the way, it was a big lake with know bridge! But God directed a boat to get them across. She died soon after her 68th birthday but her name Al Wel De which means Virtuous One. Are there any questions or comments?


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