Andrew Jackson

Hello! My name is Lydia Faith Leake, and I’m going to tell you about Andrew Jackson.

The 7th presadent was born March 15 1767, (and the first president to be born in a log cabin) and he died on June 8 1845. He was half Scottish ( from his mother) half Irish ( from his father). He was born between SC and NC. In the American revolutionary war, he acted as a courier. At age 13, he got captured by the mistreating British. He became a lawyer later, and in 1796 he helped found the state of Tennessee. He was a very hot tempered man, and that led to him killing a man in a duel , Regarding his wife Rachel ( who committed polygamy, which is not telling that you are not divorced when you get married, while Jackson committed adultery) . Then the people that supported him founded the Democratic party. Jackson was much against Adams, and since he was hot tempered you can imagine how that would be! The Adams called him and his wife “bigamists”; she died soon after the election and he called the Adams “murderers”and since he was a hot tempered man, he never forgave them. Are there any questions or comments? If so, don’t be bashful!


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