Stephen Robert Claire

I started this poem one day when I was tired of doing science. Ever so often I would add another line or stanza till I finished it .

Stephen Robert Claire

Dirty, messed-up trouser pair;

His name was Stephen Robert Claire.

With dark brown, wavy hair,

He had an old chestnut mustang mare.

Stephen Robert Claire did ride

On the back, near mustang’s hide.

Stern-faced, English-capped, always tried,

And told the truth till the day he died.

He was the fastest rider nearby,

He rode in the lowlands and the high.

Stephen Robert Claire rode without a lie;

Well-dressed but never wore a tie.

Across the fields, he brought the cattle;

He never lost in the cow-horse battle:

Watch chain did jingle, and spurs did rattle.

This was Stephen Robert Claire in his Saddle.



11 thoughts on “Stephen Robert Claire

  1. Maggie

    I love the poem! I can never get my poems to sound good and rhyme. It’s either one or the other for me! hehe Maybe I should try it while I am doing science…….or latin 🙂 hehe love ya!

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