Big News

Some time ago I wrote this poem as I went. Meaning, I made it up as I went along, so it is surely not the best ever poem, but I do hope you enjoy.

Big news:

I’ve got the blues.

Crazy shoes,

And the cow moos.

My life’s goin’ down,

I always wear a frown.

“Why is life so hard?”

I wonder at the bar.

Beer ain’t good no more,

Body’s just feelin’ sore,

Life’s just a bore.

I wish there was meaning;

Wish there was heart cleaning.

Why are things so bad?

Nothin’ ain’t glad,

At least I’m always sad.

Where can I find joy?

Like when I was a boy?

But that didn’t last,

It’s gone and passed,

As I can now see.

I just wish I was happy.

Where can I find what I’m lookin’ for?

Maybe I need to look to the Lord.

I’ve thought of that before;

To proud to actually do it.

Now maybe I should actually look into it.

I’ll look for my old Bible.

I found the helpful tool,

I read it through and through,

Just to see what it could do.

Wow! Was I amazed!

Wasn’t bored, but crazed.

I gave my life to God.

To me that used to be odd,

I’ll read it every day.

You should too, is what I’ll say.


What do you think?

Have a nice day.




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