Summer After Snow

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADrip, drip, drip! The snow slowing turns into splashing waterfalls. Sparkling diamonds decorate the land. 6 inches of snow just yesterday and now decreased to only small patches of white here and there and big patches of muddy ground everywhere. The rain-spouts have turned into drums with the melting snow as its drumsticks. It’s in the 60 s! No sledding now! Everyone’s stripped down to shorts and tees. “Let’s go to the beach!” everything seems to cry out.
Everybody gets outside in the sunny melting world. Slipping and sliding about, the ground is more muddy than expected. The feel of summer is in the air. We liked the snow, but this weather has got us summer-ready. We’re all happy and sunny and think winter’s at its close. But…
The next day it’s only 23 degrees! Cold wind whips through the bare winter trees. Cloudy and freezing. Cold once again. Surprise? Hey, this is NC.


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