The Country Song

It’s quiet, soft, and lovely here,
It’s woodsy, nice, and big with cheer.
There’s squirrels, and rabbits, big raccoons,
There’s ants, and plants, and some cocoons.

It’s country, lovely, really nice,
There’s bears, and deer, and little mice.
The wind is blowing, good with cheer;
I love it very much out here.

The wind does blow through trees and brush,
It blows and blows and doesn’t hush;
It blows down leaves and little seed,
And little seeds do look like beads.

There’s worms, and spiders, beetles too,
And now I see a baby shrew.
There’s butterflies and little birds’
And now I see some deer in herds.

The sun is closing on this day’
The last I see is just a ray.
This day has surely passed us by,
And now the little bats will fly.



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