After my post about going barefoot, I thought that I should do something a little more serious. This is my out-line for Acts. Enjoy and hopefully be encouraged.


  1. (1:1-6:7)

What is the author telling me?

He begins by repeating the ascension of Jesus, and how the disciples chose Matthias in the stead of Judas. On the day of Pentecost the disciples are filled with the Holy Ghost and begin speaking in tongues. Peter gives his first sermon, and many were saved and were baptized. The disciples do miracles, Peter and John are arrested, and the Word goes forth.

How should I respond?

I should tell others about Jesus and what He’s done for me. I should tell the truth and obey God rather than men.

2. (6:-9:31)

What is the author telling me?

This section opens with the disputing with Stephen, his defense, and then his stoning. Simon the sorcerer and other Samaritans get saved. Philip speaks to the Ethiopian about Jesus, and he gets saved and baptized. Saul gets saved and baptized and begins his ministry.

How should I respond?

I should praise God even in suffering. I should tell others about Jesus.

3, (9:32-12:24)

What is the author telling me?

Aeneas of Lydda is healed and all those of Lydda and Saron who saw his healing turned to the Lord. Cornelius and his household are saved and receive the Holy Ghost. Herod the king kills James and tries to kill Peter, too, but while he’s in jail an angel comes and sets him free. He goes to the house of Mary where the disciples are praying for him. Pridefull Herod dies and “the word of God grew and multiplied”.

How should I respond?

I should realize that Jesus heals and protects. I should see that all people can be saved not just the Jews.

4. (12:25-16:5)

What is the author telling me?

Paul and Barnabas go out ministering together. Paul gives his first sermon which is in Antioch. Paul heals a crippled man at Lystra, and when the people saw what he did they thought Paul and Barnabas were gods. The apostles assure them that they are men like every body else. Men of Judaea preach that you can only be saved if you have been circumcised. At the counsel at Jerusalem Peter tells them that we are saved by Jesus.

How should I respond?

I should respond by telling others about Jesus. There is only one God. We are saved by Jesus, nothing else.

5. (16:6-19:20

What is the author telling me?

Lydia, of Thyatira, and her household are baptized, and take in Paul and his companions. A damsel possessed with a spirit, follows Paul around till he is grieved and commands the spirit to come out of her. Paul and Silas are put in prison, but in the night an earthquake looses the prisoners’ chains. The keeper gets ready to kill himself, but Paul stops him and tells him that every one is still there. The soldier then gets saved. Paul preaches throughout and the “word of God prevails”.

How should I respond?

I should respond by being hospitable. I should sing praises to God even in difficulties. I should be a witness.

6. (19:21-28:31)

What is the author telling me?

Paul goes to Ephesus and there is an uproar because of him. As he goes to Jerusalem  Paul says goodbye to the Christian Ephesians telling them that he will never see them again. In Jerusalem Paul is arrested, but is allowed to speak to the crowd. He is brought before the Sanhedrin and then before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa. Then Paul is sent Rome, but on the way a storm rises up in the ocean. The crew is saved and land on an island called Melita. While Paul is there he gets bit by a viper but is not harmed. In Rome Paul lives for two whole years “preaching the kingdom of God”.

How should I respond?

I should respond by trusting God for protection. I should not try to get away from the law. Most of all I should speak the Word of God.





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