Raccoon Nest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday evening (the 25th) while we were finishing up dinner I looked out our dining room window and saw a big raccoon in the tree right outside the window. We found it was a nest with at least two baby raccoons and got out our cameras and binoculars to view them better.

Now we get to view them every day and it’s SOOOOOOO neat and fun!! Here’s some of the pictures we took.

Mama’s conked out!
P1170192“Peekaboo!” Here’s one of the babies. The babies are ab-su-loot-ly adorable! I so wish I could hold them!
P1170153                                   The mama, hugging the tree.
P1170147                                          The mom again…I think in this picture she was trying to get down.
P1170156This one is blurry, but one of the only ones with one of the babies more out.
P1170137While the mom was sleeping one of the mischievous little babies got out of the hole and climbed on her back and tried to wake her up, but she never did wake up:)
P1170204I know this is a dark picture, but I thought it was neat:)  P1170199


3 thoughts on “Raccoon Nest!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Maggie

    Wow! That’s so cool! We have a bird’s nest in our front yard (or did:). I am a little scared of going near it because last time the mama bird came and pecked me in the head!

  2. Yes! It is really fun to watch the raccoons. We have now seen three babies and they are getting more active and adventurous. God is so good to show us His wonderful creation!
    Ps 98:4 Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth;
    Break forth in song , rejoice, and sing praises.

  3. Thanks, Maggie and Mom, for commenting! I’ve never had a bird peck me before. Did it hurt at all? It is really fun to watch the coons, but we don’t see them much now.

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