Careless Accidents

                        The last piece of garbage! Sorry the picture’s sideways. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

          Yesterday, Christmas, I went outside to put a bag of garbage in the garbage can. Well, when I got there I found it to be too full even though I tried to mush the garbage down as best I could. So I just left the bag beside the garbage can and went inside.

           Today I got up, and several minutes after, the power went out so Elisabeth, who was the only other one up, and I had to read our Bibles by the candlelight. Then I looked out the window and saw that the garbage bag that I had put outside yesterday was all torn up and garbage was scattered everywhere!! When Mom found out I was the culprit she told me I must pick all the garbage up.

           Meanwhile we had breakfast and I was beating my egg up and careless me knocked the cup of egg over. The slimy egg spilled onto the counter and some dripped to the floor! The egg that was still on the counter I put back into the cup and cleaned up the rest of the mess. Then I prepared to cook the rest of the egg, but again (don’t ask me what was wrong with me today) I spilled the egg all over the counter. Finally, though, I did manage to cook an egg!

         After breakfast I got to clean up the garbage flung every which way. Whatever the case picking up all the garbage was not so bad at all. It could be a rather fun hobby.  It seems as though a hungry animal tore open the garbage bag to see what he could find or, perhaps, the wind grabbed a hold of it. Who knows, but a few tips I give you: Don’t leave a garbage bag in the open, especially if you live in the country and don’t be careless when messing with liquidy substances.     

          When Dad came home he was able to smash the garbage bag in the trash can! Hoorah!



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