Trick-or-treating is such an awful thing. I do not at all think it is good for Christians to do. I don’t know all the history about it, but I think the pagan people used to set out treats for the spirits when they came through so that the spirits would not harm the people. So if that is the case, it shows fear toward the Devil. Besides that, though, trick-or-treating is SO greedy. You go to someone’s house to get candy, and if they don’t give you some you do a mean trick. (I hope a Christian wouldn’t do the trick part.)  If you think about it, a Christian is not showing a very good witness going to get instead of give. As Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). So let us as Christians be a light to this dark world, for we are not of this world, but sent into it.

I don’t want differences in this area to get in the way of my relationships with other Christians, but I do think we  are called to exhort one another in the Lord. I hope you all were encouraged by this.




Elisabeth A.


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