Different Country Dress-up

One night when the older ones were away Elisabeth, Lydia, and I decided to take our encyclopedia and use it as a guide in dressing up in the styles of all sorts of different countries. I really love different countries so I thought it to be a brilliant idea. These pictures are a few of the countries we dressed up like.

This is Elisabeth dressed as a Romanian.

And Lydia our French woman.

This is me as Irish.

Elisabeth is now dressed up as a Dutch. . .

And Lydia as Japanese.

Me as a Scotland man. The outfit was falling off of me.

Lydia as a Soviet Union person. The pants she’s

wearing are mine. That accounts for their big


Lastly me as a boy of Germany.

We had jolly fun! Which country do you think looks most realistic? I know there’re poor reflections of the countries in real, but oh well!



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