“The Sleep of a Labouring Man”

I slid from my bunk at5:42 A.M.and enjoyed a good time in the Bible and in prayer. After morning rush Mom and we girls jumped into the van for the 50-minute drive to Apex for Tuesday Enrichment Classes. After a good hour or so there, we enjoyed some fun in a thrift store. At home we were soon eating an unusual lunch of frozen burritos.                                                                                                                               After lunch, out we went to enjoy the great outdoors. While out there I decided that I would go for a run. SoLydiaand I got ready and enjoyed a nice mile together in the beautiful weather.  I also decided that with spring coming along we’d better get on with the garden stuff.  So off to the basement I went with little Lydia tagging along, to get the wheel-burrow, the rake, and a shovel. First we had to go to the rotten leaf pile to get the leaf-compost. Then down the hill I went with a big wheel-burrow full of the stuff. Three times I did that until I just had to have a good ol’ wheel-burrow nap.

So, by the end of Tuesday I was quite refreshed and happy for the work I had done. I am glad God has given us work to do.




“The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep.”  Ecclesiastes 5:12


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