It started yesterday


This is a poem that I wrote a few years ago as an English project. Hope you like it .

It started yesterday


It started yesterday

When I tripped and fell.

It started with some play

But ended with a yell.


It ended with a crack

My leg is what I mean,

It started in the shack

When I fell through the screen.


The group had got quite wild

And was sprawled across the floor

With tempers not so mild

And many a crashing door.


Cousin Corry leapt from the attic

Right on top my leg

His apology was dramatic

But he didn’t care a peg.


Then we called the doc

And he could set it right.

But I’d need to stay, around the clock,

In bed all day and night.


That is the end

Of my little skit

There is no bend

Or twist in it.


The End

By Priscilla

Note: this is purely fiction.


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